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Our Premium Fibres

Sortas Equine Fibres

We are proud to offer the highest quality synthetic equine fibres on the market.

Sortas Equine Fibres Grey 40 is our best seller, it is designed to improve the stability of new or existing surfaces.These fibres are 100% post industrial. They have been shredded to a size of 40mm. This 40m size creates more binding with the sand. The recommended application is 3-4kg per m²  Each bale weighs roughly 375kg.



Sortas Equine Fibres Black is a product which offers excellent value for money. It is typically applied as a top up for surfaces. We recommend 6-10kg per m² as a top up depending on deep you would like the sand to ride. Each bale weighs roughly 450kg. These Fibres are shredded to 60mm.




Sortas Equine Fibres White 40 is designed to give an extra shine to your surface. These fibres can be applied directly to your surface. For extra stability we advise a mixture of our white fibres with Sortas Equine Fibres Grey 40.




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